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What We Offer

Services: Lessons

1-on-1 SAT prep

Hayden Rhodea has scored perfectly on the SAT math and writing sections on back to back SAT tests! He improved by 410 points from his first ever PSAT to his last SAT (1590) by learning exactly how to approach each and every question on the SAT. In his one on one tutoring sessions, he teaches you precisely how to view each question and how to avoid the pitfalls many students fall into on the SAT. You can request that he focus on teaching individual sections of the SAT, provide him with your PSAT, SAT, or SAT practice tests and have him decide where you need assistance, or simply meet with him to discuss your areas of weakness. In any case, he will find the best way to help you improve your score!

Math Formulas and a Calculator

College Admissions Consulting

Are you wondering how many schools to apply to, what your odds of admissions are at different schools, and/or how financial aid and scholarships will work at different schools? If you answered yes, then we have answers for you! The college admissions process can be daunting for many applicants and their families. We are here to help you form the best college admissions strategy for you based on your needs and desires.

College Campus

College Essay Brainstorming and Planning

A member of our team will work with you to brainstorm ideas for your college essays and narrow down which essay ideas are worthwhile to write about. Additionally, we will help you determine the best way to write about your essay ideas.

Notebook and Pen
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